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About the Owner

Doof and Christa

Christa started Kōena K9 after working with dogs for the last 8+ years. She has had a passion for all animals her entire life and started working with dogs in her early twenties. Her career in dog training just took off.


Her training career started with well known balanced trainer in Upstate NY. Shortly after she was offered to move to Cleveland for a higher training position at a local dog training facility. From there she quickly grew into the head trainer and then the facility manager. Christa gained experience handling and training many different breeds, behavioral issues, and working with many owners. She learned that dog training is more than just training the dog in front of her but also being able to coach and teach the owners just as much as their dog. 


She has researched many different training methods and theories with her goal being able to help every dog and their owner have clear communication. With years of knowledge she decided it was time to start her own dog training company.

All About Kōena K9

 Kōena means balance in Hawaiian 
Training Methods

I am a balanced e-collar based dog trainer. Balanced training is the method of training that uses both rewards and consequences. A trained dog is one that understands there are rewards and consequences for their choices; when our dogs understand this then we can start giving our dogs more earned freedoms without always having to micromanage their every choice. 

E-collar is an electric collar that provides a muscle stimulation (not electrocution) to our dogs. E-collars allow us to bridge the gap in  communication with our dogs. They are extremely effective when used appropriately and we are seeing dogs enjoy more freedom because of the off leash communication we can give our dogs through the use of e-collars.

Training Mission

My mission is to give you and your dog the proper tools to build a better relationship. Dog training isn't just for your dog; it is largely teaching owners how to communicate with their dogs so you can become a great leader and have a stronger relationship.

I show owners everything their dogs are fully capable of when given clear communication and proper guidance. My greatest pride is when I see owners being able to give their dog so much more through training. I want my clients to enjoy bringing their dogs on more public outings, camping trips, off leash hiking, bar patios, coffee dates, etc.

Ultimately, I want to give dogs more well earned freedoms and a more balanced mindset!

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