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Professional Dog Training in Cleveland, OH

Training Programs


Advanced Obedience
Board and Train

Our most popular training package for (almost) every dog. This option covers all advanced obedience in public, at parks, in home, and off leash training. Giving you the tools to have effective communication with your dog and lasting results.


Behavioral Modification
Board and Train

For dogs that need a little extra help addressing their aggression, anxiety, fearfulness, and other behavioral issues. This includes the advanced obedience with extra focus on helping your dog with behavioral modifications and teaching you how to have a better relationship with your dog w/ proper communication.

Advanced Obedience
Private Lessons

This option is designed for dogs with a great temperament and no serious behavioral issues that need obedience training and basic manners. Owners who are looking to put in the time and follow along on training their dogs are best suited for this package.

Training Philosophy

Off leash dogs at the park

Balanced Training

My goal is to give you and your dog a stronger bond through effective training methods. I aim to help dogs become a better, more balanced version of themselves while giving owners the tools, education, and support to get there. Balanced training methods deliver superior results that last a lifetime!


Swiss Shepherd & Husky at the park


A properly trained dog allows them to earn more freedom. We all want our dogs to experience more; more hikes, off leash adventures, peaceful existence in the home etc. Freedom is something to be earned through proper training.

Rottweiler at Cleveland Edgewater


Helping our dogs understand how to navigate our world is what gives our dogs confidence. Through training we're able to build up our dogs, work them through scary situations, and give them confidence in us and in themselves.

Three Doodles at the park dog training


We need to take on the role of a leader for our dogs, they are looking for our guidance. By being a good leader to our dogs they are able to relax, build trust in us, and learn to make better decisions.

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