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$1800 payment plans available

Germand Shepherds Dog Training Off Leash at the Park

What your dog will learn:

  • Heel (walking beside you, no pulling)

  • Sit

  • Down (with duration and staying down)

  • Come 

  • Bed (1-2hr bedstay)

  • Basic manners (no jumping, barking, counter surfing, etc.)

  • Socialization

  • Off leash obedience

  • Waiting at thresholds

  • Public obedience

  • Crate training

  • Grooming (nails, brushing, etc. to cooperate for handling)

All obedience is on the e-collar and designed to have control over our dogs without a leash. This package is designed for dogs without any serious behavioral issues, such as younger puppies or adult dogs that need off leash obedience and basic manners. The private lessons are weekly hour sessions where I will teach you and your dog. Each week you will be given homework and support to help you follow through and to see all the success!


Equipment Included

  • E-collar ($200 value)

Training Support Included

  • 10 60min Private Lessons Each week we will have a 1hr session where I will teach you and your dog a new command and teach manners

  • Phone & Email Support Throughout the package you will have phone and email support as needed to help you succeed and to ensure progress

  • Follow Up Support If any additional lessons are need after this package you will get a discount on future sessions. Sometimes life gets busy and we don't continue the dogs training, they develop a new issues, etc. so any additonal sessions will be discounted from $125/hr to $100/hr

Everything that is needed to ensure you and your dog have lasting success is included in this program! 


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