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$4000 payment plans available
Only a $500 deposit to book

Odin Off leash dog training and puppy training

What your dog will learn:

  • Heel (walking beside you, no pulling)

  • Sit

  • Down (with duration and staying down)

  • Come 

  • Bed (1-2hr bedstay)

  • Basic manners (no jumping, barking, counter surfing, etc.)

  • Socialization

  • Off leash obedience

  • Waiting at thresholds

  • Public obedience

  • Crate training

  • Grooming (nails, brushing, etc. to cooperate for handling)

All obedience is on the e-collar and designed to have control over our dogs without a leash. This program is for all dogs (for serious behavioral issues check out the behavioral modification b&t); whether you have an overly rambunctious pup, a mildly fearful dog that needs a confidence boost, or if you want to be able to have a well behaved dog to take on off leash hikes, public adventures, etc.! This is the most popular package!


All Training Equipment Included

  • E-collar ($200 value)

  • Quick snap e-collar bungee ($31.50 value)

  • Long line ($55 value)

Training Support Included

  • Midway session 2wks into the b&t we will have a 90min training session to teach you what your dog has learned and check in

  • Send home lesson at the end of the b&t we will have a 2-3hr lesson covering everything your dog has learned, teach you how to use their training and the e-collar, and go over your homework and addressing any issues

  • Post training 1wk follow up after your dog has returned we will have a 60min session to make sure everything is going well, address any questions, and continue keeping up with their training

  • Post training 4wk follow up to continue ensuring your dogs progress is sustained

  • Additional support I am always supportive post b&t with email, text, phone call support for all clients. I am as committed (if not more so) as owners to ensure your dogs training is successful and maintained

Everything that is needed to ensure you and your dog have lasting success is included in this program! 


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